Understanding Your Goals

  1. When do you want to list your property and when would you like to see it sold?
  2. Are you receptive to open houses?
  3. What about agent showings? A lockbox, or do you prefer appointment only showings?
  4. Are you comfortable having a sign posted on the property, and if yes, are there restrictions?
  5. Are you comfortable with pictures of your home on the internet?
  6. What amenities does your HOA cover? e.g., landscaping, exterior structure, roof, insurance, water, cable, etc.
  7. Are you aware of any increase/assessments to HOA fees?
  8. If applicable, what are the terms of the current land lease?
  9. What do you feel is the most appealing features of your home that will attract buyers?
  10. What, if any, disclosures will you have that could change a potential buyer’s mind about purchasing your home?